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tings i like

Body text here.



My New Ocs
yay its finally done 
i adopted all these. yay new ocs 
Tortogon Myo Entry
this is my entry for the tortogon myo contest

tortogons belongs to: BlushStroke
Grubbler Oc waiting to be aproved
my grubler oc 
i have been wanting to upload this so ya 

grubbler is owned by: Exopone
Mlp Bat Pony Adopt Open
yes here is another adopt. i dont have much to say.

with this adopt the owner can choose the hair and wing color on the right if they want. the hairstyle and the wing and the right are options if the owner want to change the hairstyle or wing color so ya

15 points

base:Bat Pony Base
credit for base
Chibi Luxray
i have not uploaded in a day or two so here ya go 

i have been wanting to make a picture of luxray.i am going to make a another thing with this piece 

Luxray La -DPwolf #405 Luxray Luxray la 
Whisp Ponys Ref Sheet
finally its done after many months i finally got to work on it. ive been busy lately so ya

Whisp ponys are now open yay!!

bases are coming soon 
the base i used to make this is by

if you make a whisp pony please link it in the comments i would love to see
you do not have to ask to make one 
but before you do read these            
                                                .:Whisp Pony Traits:.code5675's Traits
Unicorn, Ghost like tail, Spots, Black or Red coat.
Earth Pony, Common Tail, No, Markings, Pastel Colors.
Earth Pony, Rare Tails, Any Markings, Neon Colors.
Mist at tip of ears, Royal Wisps, Mansion House.
hovesoffire48's Traits
Citizen WP, Blue Coat, Torn or messy clothes, Swirls, No Pupils.
Rich WP, White Coat, Fancy Clothes, Fancy Jewelry, Lace like markings, Bat like pupils.
Pegasus, Famous WP, Gradient/Mixed color Coat, Dresses/Suits, Crystal Jewelry, No Eyes.
Alicorn/Horse, Patches of Crystal on Body, 2 different colored eyes, NO Clothes, Galaxy/Gradient/Coat, Magic Jewelry, Galaxy Eyes.
-Drafted by :iconcode5675:
-Written by :iconhovesoffire
i would like to add the common traits code5675 made you don't have do those but that dose mean you whisp pony can be a unicorn are a land pony
        Whisp pony CityWhisps ponys wp for short have a city where every wp ocs can live. wps have different royalty.
royalty list
number 6,7,8,9 are for admins only
number 3,5,4,2 you must ask for premisoon to be one
when adopts are made some might be a admin only royalty
number 10,11 you must have a good reputation with the founders/admins
Whisp ponys have a kingdom.i this kingdom/city there is a 1 castle where Phantom,and sweeter sounds live.
the kingdom has alot of houses when you make a whisp pony oc you get a small house.we might make it to where you can get bigger houses in the future.
written by:code5675
           .:Whisp Pony Rules:.code5675's Rules
1. Nothing inappropriate!
2. Admin traits are not allowed or you will be banned.(You can ONLY get the through a once a year adopt!)
3. DO NOT trace over the reference. There are bases you may use!
4. No stealing Oc's!
5. DO NOT make adopts, unless you are an admin!
hovesoffire48's Rules
1. ALWAYS credit us for the species!(Like this: :/iconhovesoffire48: :/iconcode675: Remove the / from these, Or @/hovesoffire48 @/code5675 Remove the / from these too.)
2. If you have any questions please leave a comment on the front page! :3
3. If there any any theifs, bullies, ect, please note Nobody or Nobody.
4. If I see anything the needs to be changed on your pony I will comment on ponies ref.
-Drafted by :iconcode5675:
-Writen by :iconhovesoffire48:
(This may be changed at ANY time.)

  and if you want you can join the group,its still in progress      

Phantom 2.0
so the whisp pony's are going to be open soon i decided to redo phantom my whisp pony oc.i also wanted to start doing line less art. so ya i do not really know if line less is a art style or not so... ya

base by:Hovesoffire48
base:not available 
Firefox Oc Daved
ive seen this species and i been wanting to make one for a little bit i might make another one.

species by:thisaccountisdead462.deviantar…

i you paint tool sai again 
Mlp Adopts 1(open)
ya im done for today posting art. these adopts are some i made my first mlp adopts 

both are 5 points.
you are allowed to if you adopt one to change the name and give i a cutie mark and change the hairstyle to your liking

credit to for
so i did the same thing as oc happy one i traced a picture i took. i took a picture of the lps that this oc is based on. i also forgot to save it as png but it saved it as a jpeg so .....................
Oc Happy
i did not used a base i took a picture of a drawing i made then put it in paint tool sai witch i have been using lately. and i just notice i did not put here hair pin welp .......... i to lazy. i made this the other day and it did not turn out right so i redid it this is the redone one so yay 
Winged wolf adopt 10 points
so i saw wolf adopt and had a idea to make some point. so i made an adopts. so ya 

price:10 points
name:you can name her/him 
gender/can be male or female
owner:none yet

to pay for adopts just donate the amount of points the adopt costs.also ask in the comments…
working on clay dutch angel dragon. so just so that i did not waste your time heres something…
My first fursona Oscar
Oscar my first ever fursona 

i am a furry for a few months now i have a oc named crimson but i still need to make a ref sheet of here so ya 
i will also have another fursona snow leopard witch i still need to find a base for her so if anyone knows a good snow leopard ref base please link it in the comments.

any way oscars info

likes:Pizza,cats,and books
dislikes:cakes,pink,and crackers

base used:…
credit to:PenguinBombSquad
i have to redo the lines because png images will not work for me anymore for some reason i have the maker does not mind
before and after
this how far i have gotten in a year.... ya i know both cringy but im happy with the after one.   the before one is a clay horse a made a year ago i think. the after one is a clay wolf i made a few days ago before i painted it was going to be melody my mane oc but i changed my mind and made it into ziggy so.. ya i will be posting a pictrue of the clay wolf in a minute but ya.....
 also if it is not clear im a crafter i like to sculpt  with clay 
Ziggy wolf oc
Ziggy a new oc i have another one coming out so ya i will be posting something is a day or to.…
credit to:XKafix


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United States
im a shy,nice,i love animals and video games


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